Posted 1 day ago

#hustleroses just came on Spotify radio and livened up this place. It’s too bad no one else is in here! Come get some coffee!

Posted 3 days ago

View from where I am studying. #mineslife (at Colorado School of Mines)

Posted 3 days ago

More life quotes you find on the stalls at Mines. #mineslife

Posted 4 days ago

Mir says, “I like how we all sat on the smallest couch.” #comfynotcrowded

Posted 1 week ago

Matthew Inman talking about poor, poor Darwin. #theoatmeal #tatteredcover

Posted 1 week ago

Up front for #theoatmeal at #tatteredcover

Posted 1 week ago

One of many artist posters that are finally getting hung up around the house. #tobaxxo

Posted 1 week ago

Remember when @miranda___a @chelseaginger @sabrams86 and I jumped in a tiny photo booth?

Posted 2 weeks ago

Dynamics homework. Listening to Moving Shadows gets me so pumped to solve problems!

Posted 3 weeks ago

Constituents. #glitch