Posted 4 days ago

It’s a celebration!

Posted 1 week ago


Someone with the wrong number started texting me. So I just rolled with it.

This is very funny to me.

Posted 1 week ago

The Query live! #thequery

Posted 1 week ago

Dandelion Gum reissue by Black Moth Super Rainbow. #tobaxxo #BMSR

Posted 1 week ago

Clarity (Demo) is now available on Soundcloud. This track features the multi-talented @mind_andrew on guitar.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Subtler Journey by Noise Diffraction. Check it.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Is it too soon to put MJ on spin cycle? #bad #vinyl

Posted 4 weeks ago

It’s so pink! If you know what I mean… #holyghost #dynamics #vinyl

Posted 4 weeks ago

Guilty pleasure. #tomjones

Posted 1 month ago

What better way to learn a program than to record a cover of your favorite song? #copyofa